Superannuation Standard Choice Form

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Superannuation Standard Choice Form, ATO, default super fund, super choice, nominated super fundThe Superannuation Standard Choice Form is a document used by employers and employees in regards to default superannuation funds and choice of super fund. It is available from the ATO here. Some superannuation funds also have their own versions of the form.

Standard Choice Form – for employers

Employers are required to give a Standard Choice Form to a new, eligible, employees within 28 days of their start date, unless the employee gives details of their chosen superannuation fund first.

Employers are required to fill out the details of the default super fund before giving the Form to an employee.

Employees can change their nominated superannuation fund as often as they wish, but the Form says that employers are “only required to accept one choice of fund from you in a 12-month period”.

It also says: “Your employer has two months after you return this form to them to action your request.”

The Form doesn’t need to be sent to the ATO or the super fund, but employers are required to keep a copy for five years.

The ATO says that employers: “don’t have to use the Standard choice form, but any alternative document must cover all the information that the Standard choice form covers.”

Standard Choice Form – for employees

Employers are required to give new, eligible, employees a Standard Choice Form within 28 days of their start date. The form will contain information about the default superannuation fund, though employees can also use the form to nominate a different super fund, within the Super Choice rules.

The Standard Choice Form can also be used to nominate a super fund at a later time, though employers only have to accept one choice of super fund within a 12 month period and have 2 months after the return of the form to process the choice. Note that Superannuation Guarantee only has to be paid quarterly.

In 2014 the Standard Choice Form was updated to include information employers need as part of the SuperStream standard for transferring contributions information between employers and super funds.

In 2015 legislation was passed changing when a Standard Choice Form needed to be provided to temporary residents or when there has been a merger of superannuation funds.

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