What is an ESA (Electronic Service Address) for SMSFs?

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ESA (Electronic Service Address) for SMSFsAn ESA (Electronic Service Address) is an identifier used by SMSFs as part of SuperStream.

SuperStream is a new electronic means to transfer information about superannuation contributions between employers and super funds. Most SMSFs will be using an SMSF Messaging Provider, either directly or via their SMSF administrator, to act as an intermediary between the employer and the fund. The ESA is used as part of this process.

SMSF trustees or members unsure if their fund has, or needs, an ESA should speak to their SMSF professional or administrator.

You can find a list of SMSF Messaging Providers here.

The ATO has reminded SMSF members that an Electronic Service Address is not the same as an email address. SMSFs have also been warned about inactive ESAs. Note that not all SMSFs are required to use SuperStream, and so not all SMSFs will have an ESA.

Large, non-SMSF, superannuation funds do not have an ESA. For these funds the Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) is used to identify the super fund or individual superannuation product for SuperStream.

In order to implement SuperStream employers need the following information about an SMSF:

  • ABN
  • bank account details, including BSB and account number
  • Electronic Service Address (ESA)

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