How changes noted in the 1992-93 cabinet papers affect our super today

While superannuation changes were debated all through 2016 we were often reminded that the superannuation system is still maturing. Many workers retiring today were not members of a superannuation scheme for much of their working life.

The cabinet papers of

A competitive superannuation system: will efficiency gains follow?

Will competition in the superannuation system improve efficiency, or is this an ideological argument extended beyond its usefulness? If more competition would promote efficiency, what design and policy issues need to be addressed to accommodate the changes?

The Productivity Commission’s

It’s your super, so why shouldn’t you be allowed access?

The latest Productivity Commission report, Superannuation for Post-Retirement, highlights two aspects of post-retirement income policy that have recently attracted considerable attention: the age at which people should be able to access their superannuation, and whether lump sum withdrawals should