Words that matter. What’s a franking credit? What’s dividend imputation? And what’s ‘retiree tax’?

Written by Peter Martin, Visiting Fellow, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University.

You’re forgiven for being confused.

We won’t fix female super until we fix female pay, but Labor’s ideas are a start

Written by Helen Hodgson, Associate Professor, Curtin Law School and Curtin Business School, Curtin University


Women retire with embarrassingly little super compared to men.

In 2015-16 the typical (median) Australian woman retired with A$36,000. The typical male had

Super. If Labor really wanted to help women in retirement, it would do something else

Written by Brendan Coates, Fellow at the Grattan Institute, and Owain Emslie, Associate at the Grattan Institute.


When it comes to the gender gap in retirement incomes, symbolism appears to matter more than actually achieving something.

Labor’s plan to

Changes to superannuation insurance won’t jack up rates – but if anything they don’t go far enough

The life and disability insurance offered by superannuation accounts can be the best possible deal for members. But the experience is often bitter for younger people, who are “opted in” to insurance they won’t need until they have dependants, face …

Angry at Labor’s imputation credit refund policy? Blame Costello

Opinion: Many of the recent policy changes impacting superannuation and retirement planning – including the ALP plan to stop refunding imputation credits – have been a complicated and confusing attempt to wind back tax concessions, and a fair share of …

2018/19 Pre-Budget submission: Superannuation & SMSFs

This 2018/19 pre-Budget submission makes several superannuation-related recommendations, including prioritising the legislative objective of superannuation, repealing the ‘work test’ and indexing the LISTO to Super Guarantee rate.

Prioritise legislative objective of superannuation

Before further changes to superannuation are made priority

Here’s how superannuation is already financing homes

The federal government is split on whether first home buyers in Australia should be allowed to use part of their superannuation for home deposits. But what the more strident critics miss is that Australia’s superannuation system already channels a significant …

The latest ideas to use super to buy homes are still bad ideas

Treasurer Scott Morrison wants to use the May budget to ease growing community anxiety about housing affordability. Lots of ideas are being thrown about: the test for the Treasurer is to sort the good from the bad. Reports that the …

How changes noted in the 1992-93 cabinet papers affect our super today

While superannuation changes were debated all through 2016 we were often reminded that the superannuation system is still maturing. Many workers retiring today were not members of a superannuation scheme for much of their working life.

The cabinet papers of