BGL adds two new actuarial certificate firms to Simple Fund 360

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BGL has added integration for two more actuarial certificate providers to Simple Fund 360.

SMSF admin software Simple Fund 360 now integrates with Haintz Actuarial and Verus Actuaries for obtaining actuarial certificates. Simple Fund 360 already supports Accurium, Act2 Solutions and Heffron.

“We at Haintz Actuarial are very excited to be part of BGL’s actuarial certificate providers’ team. BGL is at the forefront of SMSF administration and our partnership with them gives us the opportunity to service new and existing clients even better than before,” said Alan Haintz, Director of Haintz Actuarial Pty Ltd.

“Verus Actuaries is delighted to partner with BGL and complete our integration with its well established SMSF administration platform. This feature provides our clients with a seamless experience linking BGL’s Simple Fund 360 and our actuarial services. The need to re-key data is eliminated and enables us to deliver our services in real time. It’s another valuable step in our relentless pursuit of efficiency gains for our clients,” said Geoff Morley, Director of Verus Actuaries.

BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh said: “It is really great to get all these guys on board.”

“We released three actuaries in Simple Fund 360 and a new CAS 360 API all in a few of weeks. This was a great effort by the Team,” he said.

“BGL’s open API is now being used by over 50 integration partners. One of the most important things about our API is it’s FREE to all our partners. Some of the partners who have integrated with the API in recent months are myprosperity and AGI insurance. With new two way document integration and a number of other new features, the API is providing our partners with huge opportunities.”

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