Newspoll finds only 30% support stopping refunds of franking credits

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Newspoll finds that only 30% support Labor’s policy of largely stopping refunds of franking credits.

Labor has announced a policy of stopping refunds of franking credits, with exemptions for Age Pensioners and some SMSFs.

The Australian reports that the Newspoll found 30% support for the policy, with 48% opposed and 22% uncommitted.

The compares to the Essential poll released last week, which found 39% support and 30% opposition, with 31% answering ‘don’t know’.

Support / opposition to stopping refundable franking credits - poll comparison

The higher opposition to Labor’s policy is even more pronounced amongst Coalition voters in the Newspoll than the Essential poll. 71% of Coalition voters are opposed in Newspoll, compared to only 44% in Essential. Newspoll finds 15% support from Coalition voters, while Essential found 32%.

However the figures for Labor and Greens voters are closer – 46% support from Labor voters in Newspoll compared to 50% in Essential and 45% versus 49% for Greens. The Essential poll had an ‘Other’ party category, whereas Newspoll had only One Nation.

The age breakdown between the polls appears to be similar, with both finding those in favour of removing the refundability of franking credits skewing younger, who also tend to be unsure, while opposition is skewed older. According to Newspoll, by age group the strongest support for the policy is amongst those aged 18-34, at 40%, with the strongest opposition amongst those aged 65+, at 62%.

Like the Essential poll, the Newspoll question doesn’t inform respondents that Age Pensioners are largely exempted from the change. The Newspoll question says Labor’s policy is to abolish franking credit refunds for “retirees”, however Labor’s policy is not confined to this group.

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