Bendzulla Actuarial rebrands as Accurium

Actuarial services provider Bendzulla Actuarial has rebranded as Accurium. Calling Accurium “Australia’s leading SMSF actuarial certificate provider”, CEO Tracy Williams also announced an expanded range of services.

“Our core business will always be actuarial certificates, but with millions of Baby Boomer SMSF trustees retiring over the next decade, there’s also a real, unmet need for actuarial and risk consulting services specific to their predicament,” said Williams.

“Accurium will be the only consulting firm focused exclusively on solving the peculiar challenges of SMSFs in the retirement phase, like planning for certainty over an uncertain investment horizon.”

Starting in November the 5,500 accounting firms that use Accurium’s services will receive research and “new, retirement-specific related tools and products.”

“SMSF practitioners play a critical role in helping their clients prepare for retirement. In addition to certifying their tax exempt income, Accurium can also help answer questions like how long might I live? how long do I need to keep working, and how much is enough?,” Williams said.

Accurium provided 64,000 actuarial certificates in the 2013/14 financial year, “representing approximately 55% of the Australian market.”

Accurium is one of the actuarial providers integrated into BGL’s Simple Fund software, along with Act2 and Cumpston Sarjeant. Class Super also integrates with Accurium.

Formed in 1980 and based in Hobart, in December 2013 Bendzulla was acquired by Challenger Limited.

Accurium also released the SMSF Retirement Insight: Retirement Adequacy report, a “pioneering study into the retirement adequacy of SMSFs which is based on actual, anonymous data drawn from the firm’s database of 60,000 SMSFs.”

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