Best super fund advice services category added to Chant West awards

Chant West has added ‘Best Fund: Advice Services’ to the other ten award categories for its fifth annual awards, to be held on May 24 in Sydney.

“This year we’ve introduced a new award category, which is Best Fund: Advice Services, and there’s a good reason for that. Increasingly, it’s the advice that members receive that enables them to get the greatest value from their fund – especially as they approach retirement,” said Chant West director, Warren Chant.

“Timely advice, delivered in a way that they can relate to, helps people make good decisions and take appropriate actions at critical stages in their working lives,” he said.

“So that’s one of the themes we’ll be looking at in this year’s awards. What strategies are the best funds using to get a better understanding of their members as they approach retirement? What are they doing to inform and ‘nudge’ those members towards making good decisions? What information are they providing, what advice are they making available and how is that advice being delivered?”

“As always, our aim with these awards is to help lift standards across the board. We do that by highlighting what the finalists – and especially the winners – have done to stand out from their peers. There are a lot of good funds out there but nobody can be the best at everything. What we do is shine a light on best practice in key areas, giving every fund something to aspire to.”

Chant West will be giving awards in the following categories:

  • Super Fund of the Year
  • Pension Fund of the Year
  • Specialist Fund of the Year
  • Corporate Solutions Fund of the Year
  • Advised Product of the Year
  • Best Fund: Investments
  • Best Fund: Member Services
  • Best Fund: Insurance
  • Best Fund: Innovation
  • Best Fund: Integrity
  • Best Fund: Longevity Product
  • Best Fund: Advice Services

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