BGL first to release software for 2019 SMSF Annual Return

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BGL says it is the first company to release software updated for the 2019 SMSF Annual Return.

“BGL is proud to announce the release of its Simple Fund 360 2019 Tax Time software to clients,” said the company.

“The new software includes the 2019 SMSF Annual Tax Return, all the required supporting schedules and electronic lodgement through the ATO’s Practitioner Lodgement System (PLS).”

Managing Director Ron Lesh said this was the earliest tax time release the company has had in its 20 year history.

“One of the most common questions we get from clients in June each year is ‘when can I lodge my tax return?’ The Team have done a sensational job to get this work completed early for clients this year.”

The May 2019 release also contains other features and improvements, including the ability to export SMSF Annual Returns to Xero Tax.

Lesh said there had been a couple of “big” software updates over recent months.

“Apart from the 2019 SMSF Annual Return, the Simple Fund 360 Team have also continued to improve our AI based transaction posting and data input system, added 3 new brokers to an ever growing list of data feeds, updated our Audit Working Papers for 2019, added retrospective Tax Effect Accounting, Single Login with SAML for a number of our larger clients and a heap of new data end points to our API.”

“In just 5 months, the Simple Fund 360 Team have delivered 6 releases! No other industry player has delivered so many new features to their clients over the past 5 months.”

Lesh said the number of Simple Fund 360 clients – users of the software, not individual SMSFs – would “soon” pass 5,000.

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