BGL adds new insurance ‘big data’ feature to Simple Fund 360

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BGL has added a new feature to its Simple Fund 360 software to help clients review their insurance in superannuation.

SMSFs are required, as part of their investment strategy requirements, to consider insurance. BGL announced that it has added filters to the Simple Fund 360 Big Data views to help clients do this and obtain a life insurance quote from AGI insurance.

“This highlights another way how Big Data is helping our clients,” said BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh.

“In a few mouse clicks, Simple Fund 360 clients can review a fund members’ life insurance, prepare an insurance quote, pre-fill an insurance proposal and purchase the policy. This is what integration and automation is all about.”

John Felsch of AGI said this was a great partnership.

“BGL Simple Fund 360 clients now have simple automated access to AGI’s SMSF Master Insurance Plan, a product specifically designed for SMSF members,” he said.

BGL said this new feature was a “streamlined solution” giving SMSFs access to “competitive wholesale rates”.

“This exciting new solution also makes it easy for BGL clients to highlight SMSFs without insurance,” said the company announcement.

“This insurance is underwritten by AIA Australia, one of the largest insurers in the country who provide life insurance to over 3.2 million Australians.”

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1 thought on “BGL adds new insurance ‘big data’ feature to Simple Fund 360”

  1. Why doesn’t ASIC provide a standard form for advice? The ATO have a very complex set of rules, but they provide a template for people to use to prepare tax returns. If advisors/ASIC are struggling with compliance review issues surely a standard form would remove many inconsistencies? This should also mean more wealth is retained inside Super as some fees will reduce.

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