BGL hasn’t forgotten about Simple Fund Desktop users

BGL added over 80,000 SMSFs to Simple Fund 360 in the previous financial year, but hasn’t forgotten about customers still using Simple Fund Desktop.

According to BGL it added 82,697 SMSFs to Simple Fund 360 in 2017/18, taking the total on the cloud software to 159,767. It added more than 1,700 firms, with the total at the end of the financial year at 4,214.

Part of this dramatic increase is likely due to customers transitioning from Simple Fund Desktop to Simple Fund 360, however BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh said users of the desktop software haven’t been forgotten.

“We tend, at times, to appear to forget our very loyal CAS Desktop and Simple Fund Desktop clients. Be assured we will NEVER forget you,” Lesh said in a blog post.

“Even with many clients moving to our cloud products, we understand many of you may not be ready to move yet. So be assured, we will continue to support you until you decide to make the move,” he said.

“So to all our BGL clients, all of you that make up the BGL family, from all of us at BGL, a BIG THANK YOU. We would not be where we are without you.”

For the quarter ending June 2018, Class added 4,526 accounts to Class Super – taking the total to 163,464, according to the company. Firms using Class Super also grew, up 51 for the quarter, to 1,367.

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