BGL announces first Regulatory Technology (RegTech) conference – BGL RegTech17

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BGL, maker of Simple Fund 360, among other software, has announced an industry first Regulatory Technology (RegTech) conference – BGL RegTech17.

The conference will focus on the regulatory challenges faced by firms today and how they can use smart solutions to meet both regulatory and client obligations.

“RegTech is the future of future of regulatory compliance,” said BGL’s Managing Director, Ron Lesh.

“It is clearly evident the way compliance is being managed today is in many cases slow, outdated and just simply inefficient. RegTech is the future,” he said.

“RegTech is about using the data to provide better information for smarter decision making.”

“Technologies such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Cloud Computing to name a few, provide huge opportunities for our clients.”

“BGL has utilised our team’s experience in innovation, technology and in-depth knowledge of both the SMSF and corporate compliance sectors to build many of these tools into our Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360 cloud solutions. These tools allowed our clients to leverage the technology to be more efficient and proactive in meeting their regulatory obligations and client’s needs.”

“BGL RegTech 17 is a free industry event held in 5 cities in August 2017. BGL has invited industry experts Aaron Dunn from The SMSF Academy, Chris Ridd from myprosperity and Steph Hinds from Growthwise as well as our own gurus to add their expertise to the program. It will be an incredible day with a host of knowledge and some incredible new technology on display for all to see.”

BGL RegTech 2017 will be held in:

  • Sydney – 1 August
  • Brisbane – 2 August
  • Adelaide – 8 August
  • Perth – 9 August
  • Melbourne – 15 August

Registrations for RegTech 2017 are open, more information is available at

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