Coalition MP threatens to cross floor over superannuation changes

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Coalition MP threatens to cross floor over superannuation changes, LNP, George Christensen, Budget 2016A Coalition MP has said he will cross the floor and vote against the superannuation changes announced in the 2016 Budget.

“If the government’s superannuation policy does not change, I will be crossing the floor and voting against these measures,” said George Christensen in a post on his Facebook page.

“I made my views clear to the Nationals leadership team earlier this week: our superannuation policies need to change, in particular the proposed $500,000 non-concessional lifetime cap and its retrospectivity along with the $1.6 million pension fund transfer balance cap. These policies are Labor-style policies which hit those people who have worked hard all of their lives; those who have scrimped and saved and done the right thing. These policies penalise success. Principally, these policies hit small business owners and farmers who have retired, sold their assets and transferred their wealth into superannuation.”

“More importantly, I hate it when government fiddles with super. It’s not the government’s money, it’s YOUR money. We in government need to remember that.”

Mr Christensen is the MP for the Queensland seat of Dawson and a member of the Liberal National Party. The current count has the Coalition holding 76 seats in the House of Representatives, though there is a recount in Herbert.

Superannuation has been an issue amongst some members of the Coalition leading into the Liberal Party and joint party room meetings earlier this week.

Jim Chalmers, Labor Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation, said Christensen’s announcement “provides a glimpse into the civil war in the Coalition on issues of fundamental economic policy-making”.

“Whether it’s George Christensen’s strong opposition, Eric Abetz’s calls for “recalibration” of the policy, Julie Bishop’s inability to explain the changes or the sniping and backgrounding playing out in the papers, this Government is all at sea when it comes to superannuation reform,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “Coalition MP threatens to cross floor over superannuation changes”

  1. George Christensen is correct.

    Turnbulls raid on peoples superannuation savings cost him nearly two million votes at the election; and it will hang around his neck like a dead Albatross if he doesn’t back away from it.

    People are sick and tired of government interference with their super savings. But this time its just pure greed on Turnbulls part to try and balance the budget.

    Let him get more taxes from his rich friends and leave the average worked alone.

    I will no longer support the Liberal Party.

  2. Good on you George
    I’m in small business and am a late contributer to superannuation, most of which is non concessional contributions. To have to go back to all non concessional contributions since 1 July 2007 and reclassify some is a retrospective measure. Turnbull and Morrison are engaging in deceptive word games, this element of their policy is retrospective, its unforgivable. As a lifetime liberal supporter I find myself in the awful position of having to not vote Liberal at the next election. I voted Liberal this time because my local parliamentarian said that he would do something about it, but nothing has as yet eventuated.
    Next election I hope that I don’t have to vote for a non liberal but will if I have to I will, I will even take some of my hard earned &n modest savings and support a non liberal candidate in a marginal electorate

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