Changes to super driving demand for SMSFA Trustee Knowledge Centre

The changes to superannuation, and the resulting impact on SMSF trustees, is diving “strong” demand for the SMSF Association’s Trustee Knowledge Centre website.

SMSFA CEO Jon Maroney said the growing traffic to the website is encouraging, as it highlights trustee’s thirst for knowledge about superannuation.

“When the Association decided to invite trustees to take up membership, we strongly believed there would be keen interest in what we were offering – and this is proving to be the case with the Association demonstrating it is the pre-eminent organisation representing SMSF trustees,” he said.

“Trustees are going to the website to get up-to-date information about how best to manage their superannuation, confident in the knowledge that what we are offering is independent and factual. Having taken the decision to manage their superannuation, then it’s not surprising that they want to be as well informed as possible.”

“The latest topics on the site discuss how to navigate the new superannuation environment, the SMSF yearly planner and research papers on how life events can have a significant impact in your fund.”

Maroney said that many of the resources on the Trustee Knowledge Centre were designed to be used in partnership with an SMSF advisor, and there was also a directory of independently endorsed SMSF specialists for those trustees who don’t have an advisor.

The SMSF Association is working on the first SMSF trustee festival SMSF Week, which will blend education and tourism, to be held in Adelaide in 2018.

Maroney said: “This is a concept that works well in other countries, and I see no reason why we can’t stage such an event in Adelaide, combining stimulating sessions about superannuation with winery tours, golf days, and visits to interesting tourist attractions such as Kangaroo Island.”

The SMSF Association also recently announced the SMSF Expo, to be held in Melbourne from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 April 2018.

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