Imperative new government move quickly on superannuation: SMSFA

Election 2016, Government, SMSF Association, superannuation policy, objective of superannuationIt is “imperative” that a new government moves quickly to set long-term goals for superannuation, according to the SMSF Association.

“It has been the Association’s long-term policy that the objective and underlying principles of superannuation should be enshrined in legislation, and what has happened over the course of this election campaign has simply reinforced our position,” said SMSF Association CEO Andrea Slattery.

“It is quite clear that the election highlighted the fact that many in the electorate were unnerved by the changes to superannuation proposed by both major parties and are seeking certainty for their retirement planning.”

“Both major political parties were seen as moving the goal posts for ordinary Australians to build their savings to ensure a dignified retirement. This is despite the repeated calls from the public and superannuation industry for the ongoing tinkering with superannuation to stop. This is why it is critical to have a politically bipartisan framework for superannuation that is removed from both the budgetary and political cycles for the long term.”

“We need to have a sustainable and measured policy approach to people’s second largest asset, superannuation. which assists Australians to accumulate adequate retirement income savings for a secure retirement.”

“It is especially important at times of political uncertainty, such as what has happened with the federal election and Brexit, that people know that their retirement savings are secure.”

Slattery said the Association is ready to work “constructively” on superannuation policy with a new Government, along with the opposition and House and Senate cross-benchers.

“We are on the record in saying we believed the reduction in the concessional contribution caps were detrimental to the goal of encouraging people to be self-sufficient in retirement and that other budget changes were complex and disrupted many people’s long-term plans. We look forward to working with all parliamentarians to either change or ameliorate the impact of these changes.”

“It’s also important to note that there were some positive measures in the Budget that were overlooked to some degree, and we will be urging that they get enacted by the new Parliament as quickly as possible.”

These measures include the carry forward of unused concessional contribution caps and removing the ‘work test’ and 10% rule.

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2 thoughts on “Imperative new government move quickly on superannuation: SMSFA”

  1. Can’t believe that Andrea Slattery in a recent TV interview gave the impression of supporting most of the the proposed appalling changes to superannuation. Instead she should have fought for grandfathering of the current SMSFs. All she seemed to concentrate on was saying the SMSFA is non political! What a hopeless Association – no support here to rely on to protect our interests.

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