Majority opposed to accessing super for housing, even less popular with Coalition voters

Most people are opposed to accessing superannuation for housing, and the idea is even less popular amongst supporters of the Coalition.

Members of the Coalition have been raising the option of first home buyers accessing their super, though the model has apparently gone through several revisions.

50% of those polled thought superannuation should be preserved for retirement, with 38% thinking it should be available for the purchase of a home, according to the latest Essential poll.

However the idea is less popular with Coalition voters, with 58% favouring keeping super for retirement and 34% approving of accessing super to buy a home. It has the lowest support amoungst Greens voters, at 28%, with 60% opposed.


“Q. Do you think people should be allowed to access their superannuation to buy a home or should superannuation be preserved for retirement?”

Accessing super to buy a home - Essential April 2017

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Additionally public support for the potential policy appears to be waning. In May 2015 – not long after Joe Hockey raised the option – 46% supported keeping super for retirement and 41% were supportive of accessing it for housing.

However former PM Tony Abbott disagrees, telling Sky News: “I think there’s considerable support for allowing young people to access superannuation in order to buy their first home. Let’s face it: superannuation is not the government’s money, its your money. It’s effectively a forced saving scheme.”

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