New Class Super feature makes collaboration between professionals easier

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Class has released a “powerful” new tool for Class Super and Class Portfolio, called Consolidated Portfolios, which makes it easier for accountants and financial advisors to collaborate.

Class says consolidated portfolios is a “revolutionary reporting solution for both SMSF and non-SMSF portfolios that allows accountants and financial planners to collaborate more easily”.

Consolidated portfolios brings together Class Super – for SMSFs – and Class Portfolio – for other types of entities – into a comprehensive reporting and administration system.

“Clients with SMSFs typically have investments in other portfolio structures outside super. Consolidated portfolios allows them all to be administered using the one software platform. Now all parties involved with building a client’s wealth can have a combined, comprehensive and up to date view of those portfolios: the client, the accountant and the adviser,” said Class.

Class CEO Kevin Bungard said that consolidated portfolios bridged the gap between SMSFs and other entities.

“Consolidated portfolios is the natural solution for looking after a client’s whole wealth,” he said.

“Accountants and advisers can now more easily work together using the one platform and provide the best combination of advice and accounting services to grow that wealth.”

Under consolidated portfolios all or a subset of a client’s portfolios can be combined into a single portfolio, supporting better investment decision making and making it possible to administer an entire family office from one software platform.

“Using multiple platforms for different types of portfolios is complex, costly and introduces a greater chance of error,” said Mr Bungard.

“Consolidated portfolios does away with these frustrations, dramatically reducing overheads and duplication.”

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