Put super legislation on hold until citizenship issue resolved: ACTU

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is calling for superannuation legislation to be put on hold until questions over who is eligible to sit in Parliament is resolved.

The Senate is set to debate today most of the Government’s superannuation Bills, including ones to change the governance arrangements of large super funds – which has been strongly criticised by Industry Super Australia – and to expand choice of fund to more employees, which the ACTU says will make it easier for employers to “steal” super.

“The ongoing citizenship saga is impacting the legitimacy of the government to pass these controversial measures which do not have bi-partisan or stakeholder support,” said the ACTU.

“The government is in crisis. It is improper for controversial industrial relations and superannuation legislation to be passed at this time.”

“These bills have the capacity to adversely impact the lives of working Australians, and their financial security. They should not be debated, amended or voted on until the public can have confidence on the legitimacy of the government.”

“If the government doesn’t know who is meant to be in the Parliament, they must pause their controversial IR and superannuation agenda until confidence can be restored in the eligibility of those who would be voting to strip rights and financial security from working people.”

Only the Senate is sitting this week. Some of the superannuation legislation, including the governance Bill, was introduced to the Senate first and so would need to go to the House.

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