Simple Fund 360 now has over 100,000 paying SMSFs, out of 175,000

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BGL has announced that it now has over 100,000 paying SMSFs using Simple Fund 360.

BGL said it was one of the largest developers of cloud software for accountants in Australia. It also has 140,000 companies paying for CAS 360.

“These milestones have been a real team effort,” said BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh.

“Businesses do not achieve these numbers without a great culture and a great team.”

BGL says 23,405 SMSFs started using Simple Fund 360, across 503 clients, in the September 2017 quarter. According to the company it now has more than 3,200 clients and over 175,000 SMSFs using the software. This suggests that up to 75,000 SMSFs are using but not paying for the software.

“Clients transitioning from BGL desktop to cloud based solutions has definitely contributed to this strong growth” said Mr Lesh.

“However, we estimate clients representing well over 200,000 SMSFs and 700,000 companies have yet to migrate from our desktop to our cloud solutions, so really this is only the beginning of the work we need to do.”

Lesh said clients were moving to Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360 because of efficiency and the technology.

“Our cloud products are by far the most technically advanced in the industry and with big data and Artificial Intelligence, are providing incredible efficiencies for our clients.”

“A big part of our success is our commitment to our client’s growth. Our team works hard to build features in our software to help our clients scale and grow their businesses.”

“Our culture of innovative and our ability to quickly adapt to change allows us to stay many steps ahead of our competitors.”

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