SMSF Association member wins SMSF Advisor of the Year award

SMSF Association SMSF Specialist Advisor™ (SSA), 2016 IFA award in the SMSF Advisor of the Year category, Chris Morcom of Hewison Private WealthThe SMSF Association says the fact that an Association Specialist Advisor won the recent 2016 IFA Award in the SMSF Advisor of the Year category reflects the professionalism and skills of the Association’s specialist designations.

Chris Morcom of Hewison Private Wealth, a SMSF Association SMSF Specialist Advisor™ (SSA), won the award. The SMSF Association notes that out of the seven other finalists in that category four hold SSAs and one is an Associate member.

SMSF Association CEO Andrea Slattery said this is testimony to the rigor of the SSA designation.

“The SSA program is recognised industry-wide as the most serious test of an individual’s ability as an SMSF advisor.”

“It’s aimed at all SMSF professionals who want recognition for their skills and knowledge in the SMSF sector, as well as including knowledge of the Superannuation Industry legislation, Tax Law and Corporations Law.”

“Apart from testing their SMSF legislation and regulatory knowledge, this accreditation also assesses business and ethical practices to ensure ‘best practice’ standards.”

Slattery said the fact that so many finalists hold an SSA not only reflect the Association’s educational programs, but also the growing recognition in the SMSF industry that the highest levels of professionalism are needed to add value for clients.

“It is quite evident that more and more advisors are getting on the front foot and enhancing their skill set to be better placed to advise their clients, and clearly those who opt for the SSA accreditation, as demonstrated by the IFA awards, are at the forefront of the SMSF specialist profession.”

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