SMSF product marketplace launched by SuperConcepts

SuperConcepts has launched a new online product marketplace for SMSFs, called Connected Services.

The market will allow SMSF members to access a range of products and services from third-party providers to help them administer their fund.

“We know paperwork and administration can be a burden and we’re committed to helping free up our customers’ time so they can focus on what’s important – making their investments work harder for them,” said SuperConcepts CEO Natasha Fenech.

“Connected Services allows SMSF trustees to manage, implement, monitor and report on their investments, anywhere and at any time from the one place. It also provides advisers and accountants with better visibility of their clients’ self-directed investments.”

“Where possible we have single sign on capability which reduces the time-consuming process of having to log on multiple times using multiple passwords. This feature streamlines what is otherwise a clunky and unwieldy process.”

Some of the products on the marketplace include bank accounts, term deposits, life insurance and managed investments.

Through the platform customers will be able to apply for the product or service, prefill the application, directly access the provider’s transactional platform and see transactions completed on that platform in their SMSF dashboard.

Connected Services is available free of charge to existing SuperMate or SuperConcepts SMSF administration clients. SuperConcepts is the umbrella brand for AMP’s superannuation businesses.

“We’ll continue to invest in strengthening the capabilities of Connected Services which we believe will become the platform of choice for SMSF trustees,” said Ms Fenech.

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