SMSF Association & FSC to hold conference on women’s super issues

The SMSF Association and FSC are joining forces to hold a day-long conference examining why women retire with substantially lower superannuation balances than men – 46.6% lower on average according to the latest figures.

“The issue will be examined from all angles over eight sessions that will boast some of the best thinkers in the superannuation and wealth management industries in Australia,” said the SMSF Association.

SMSF Association CEO Andrea Slattery said this is a vitally important issue that demands to be addressed.

“It’s an issue that has long concerned the Association. We have actively worked to help women better understand their financial circumstances, fully aware of the fact that they often must deal with structural factors, such as broken work patterns caused by parenting responsibilities, that have far less impact on men’s capacity to save for retirement.”

“But it’s not just an issue of addressing these structural issues, important as they are. It’s also to get women, especially those starting their working lives, to understand superannuation and wealth-building better than previous generations did.”

“When you realise that 47% of the more than one million SMSF trustees are women, then the importance of achieving this goal becomes self-evident.”

FSC CEO Sally Loane said: “This event will outline and demonstrate the critical role we can play to engage and empower women, particularly young women starting their careers, and drive positive change through education, innovation and good business practice.”

The conference will by held in Sydney on April 27. More details, including how to register, are available here.

The conference is being sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank.

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