SMSF Association members rate highly on Top 50 Financial Advisors list

SMSF Association advisors account for over 20% of the positions in the inaugural Top 50 Financial Advisors in Australia list.

SMSF Association CEO John Maroney said the list includes 11 advisors from the Association’s ranks, nine of whom are a SMSF Specialist Advisor.

“It’s a tribute to the professionalism of our members, and the value clients place on their skills, knowledge and experience, that they have ranked so well in this inaugural list of the country’s top advisors,” said Mr Maroney.

“SMSF trustees are increasingly wanting specialist advice about their fund, whether it be about investment, compliance, estate planning, insurance, auditing or administration, and they appreciate that SMSF specialists are the best source of this information.”

“The changes to superannuation introduced in the 2016 federal budget, and the subsequent legislation that was enacted late last year, highlighted yet again the degree of complexity involved in overseeing an SMSF, so it’s little wonder that trustees are increasingly looking for specialist advice from professionals they known work assiduously to stay abreast of the industry’s changes.”

Maroney said the SMSF Association welcomes the publication of the list, which is complied by the US publication Barron’s for The Deal, which is published monthly by The Australian.

“The need for SMSF trustees, indeed, all investors, to have access to sound professional advice has never been more important, and a list of this nature can only help encourage all advisors reach for the highest possible standards,” he said.

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