SMSF Association Technical Days helping professionals get up to speed

The series of SMSF Association Technical Days is helping superannuation professionals get up to speed on the recent complex changes, many of which came into effect on 1 July.

SMSF specialist Julie Taylor, founder and owner of SMSF admin business Keep It Simple Super, who attended the SMSF Association Technical Day in Sydney, said it’s critical that superannuation professionals “get up to speed” as quickly as possible.

“From my perspective, there’s still a lot of detail about the new regulations that I need to get across to ensure my clients continue to get the best service from us, and as such this Technical Day has been invaluable to improve my understanding.”

“What’s been particularly helpful have been the practical sessions attached to each of the four sessions that covered total super balances, transfer balance cap, CGT relief and estate planning.”

“The Association’s decision to use the ‘SMSF Family’ concept to illustrate how the technical content plays out in a practical situation is a great innovation. It allows you to get a much better understanding of how the new regulations will have an impact on your clients, and what you need to do in a day-to-day work situation.”

SMSF Association Head of Education Liz Ward, who organised the Technical Days, said: “We knew that the complexity of the new legislation changes meant that delegates need opportunities to not only hear about the new legislation, but to order to help them embed their understanding, time to reflect, discuss and apply their knowledge in a supportive environment, so the Technical Day was planned with this in mind.”

“Our members tell us they really value the chance to discuss complex content in an open forum and to share with their fellow professionals what the practical consequences have been for their clients and businesses.”

The SMSF Association is holding its Technical Day in Melbourne today, Adelaide on July 25 and Perth July 27. The Sydney and Brisbane Technical Days have already been held.

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