SPAA changes name to SMSF Association

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SPAA changes name to SMSF Association, rebrandThe SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA) has changed its name to the SMSF Association.

“Since SPAA’s inception we have always worked towards building integrity into the SMSF sector,” said Andrea Slattery, CEO of the SMSF Association.

“It’s critical that the organisation has a name that reflects the importance of the SMSF sector and the breadth of its membership.”

“As part of our evolution we have decided to change our name to something simpler and more intuitive – the SMSF Association.”

Slattery said the decision wasn’t made lightly, but stakeholder research had shown the SPAA name, an acronym of an acronym, was “often confusing for the wider SMSF community to understand.”

“There can be no doubt that the acronym SMSF symbolises our sector of the superannuation industry which, in no small way, is partly due to our efforts. An organisation, that is the pre-eminent voice for all SMSFs, should have a name that reflects this position.”

“We have directly represented the professionals servicing the SMSF community and, indirectly, a majority of the more than one million trustees and members who are involved in SMSFs.”

“We are proud of our contribution to date to the success of the SMSF sector and are looking forward to an exciting future as the SMSF Association.”

The logo has been updated, with members given 12 months to update it on their materials.

The post nominals for Specialists will “change to SSATM ­SMSF Specialist Advisor or SSAud® SMSF Specialist Auditor,” according to the SMSF Association.

The new website is:

The SMSF Association will be tweeting from @SMSFAssoc and using the hashtag #SMSFAssoc.

We are the SMSF Association from SMSF Association

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