Tax professionals can now request Total Super Balance via Portal

The ATO says that tax professionals can now request the Total Superannuation Balance and transitional non-concessional bring-forward cap information for clients via the Tax Agent Portal.

“You can now request information to support your clients in understanding their superannuation balance position and make appropriate contribution decisions,” said the ATO.

This information includes the Total Superannuation Balance of a client.

“You can request your client’s total superannuation balance so you can support them in understanding their contributions cap. To calculate this amount we use data obtained from super fund reporting. Due to lodgment schedules and depending on when you request this information, it may not be up-to-date,” said the ATO.

Tax professionals can also request client information about the transitional non-concessional bring-forward cap.

“If your clients have triggered the bring-forward period in 2015–16 or 2016–17 but not fully used their bring-forward amount before 1 July 2017, transitional arrangements will apply. We can provide current bring-forward arrangement and remaining cap balance information which will reflect the reduced annual contribution caps.”

How to request your client’s super information

  1. Send a message via Portal mail using the mail topic ‘NCC Balance’.

  2. Request the total super balance and bring-forward information for:

    • all linked clients, or

    • specific clients, providing the relevant tax file numbers (TFNs). You should include a spreadsheet of TFNs for requests with more than 10 clients.

The ATO says that all such requests will be actioned within 28 days.

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