Trustee Query is first stage of Simple Fund 360 mobile app: BGL

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BGL has released the what it calls the first stage of a mobile application for Simple Fund 360, with a feature called Trustee Query

“This is a really clever development by the Simple Fund 360 team”, said BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh.

“The Trustee Query sends a data request direct to our client’s SMSF trustees by SMS or email that is then accessed through a smart, simple mobile app. The trustee can respond to the request with a note and / or upload a document and the response is instantly recorded in Simple Fund 360.”

It appears that the feature doesn’t involve an app downloaded onto the clients’ phone, but rather a mobile-friendly web-page.

A recent update to Simple Fund 360 has also added data feeds for 7 further brokers, taking the total number supported to 135. BGL has at least three more brokers scheduled to be added in the next update.

“The Team has also made a few changes to the TBAR Management Dashboard in response to client feedback,” said Lesh.

“Having an instant feedback feature in the software is invaluable for BGL and our clients. We know what our client need all the time and with 3 week sprints we can deliver new features, such as transaction recode and additional report, in real time.”

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