Two-way integration between Simple Fund 360 and Xero Practice Manager

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Two-way integration between Xero Practice Manager and Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360 is now available, BGL has announced.

The new feature allows client details to automatically synchronise between the software packages.

“Mutual Xero Practice Manager and BGL Simple Fund 360 / CAS 360 clients are now able to have just a single database – the ultimate goal of any professional firm,” said the announcement by BGL.

“This integration means any change made to client details in Xero Practice Manager automatically updates the CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 database. And in CAS 360, the user is prompted to prepare all the relevant ASIC compliance documents. Furthermore, if contact details are changed in either Simple Fund 360 or CAS 360, this change is automatically updated in Xero Practice Manager.”

BGL’s Managing Director Ron Lesh said: “We have had this integration available in closed beta for a few months now, but today we have commenced the roll out to all BGL Simple Fund 360 and CAS 360 clients.”

“From what we can see, this integration is unique,” he said.

“Other software seems to be able to download client data from Xero Practice Manager, but no one seems to update Xero for changes in their software.”

BGL is working on adding integration with Xero Tasks and Xero HQ, to be released in coming months.

According to BGL over 175,000 SMSFs are using Simple Fund 360, across more than 3,100 firms, and CAS 360 is used by over 650 firms for more than 130,000 companies.

“BGL is focused on providing our clients with seamless integration. Simple Fund 360 is now supports over 200 integration partners including banks, brokers, wraps, platforms and practice management solutions,” said Mr Lesh.

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