When is the 2019 Australian Federal Budget? What time is the Budget speech? Why is it in April?

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When is the 2019 Australian Federal Budget?

The 2019/20 Australian Federal Budget will be released on Tuesday 2 April 2019.

What time is the Budget speech?

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Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will start his Budget speech just after 7:30 pm (AEDT), or:

  • 7:00 pm in South Australia
  • 6:30 pm in Queensland
  • 6:00 pm in Northern Territory
  • 4:30 pm in Western Australia

Treasury releases the Budget documents, along with the full Budget speech, shortly after the Treasurer starts giving the Budget speech to the House of Representatives.

Why is the Budget in April?

For more than two decades Australian Federal Budgets have been held in May. So why is this Budget in April? Because of the upcoming Federal election. In November 2018 Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the Budget would be held on April 2, ahead of an election in May – the date of which is yet to be publicly announced.

This will be the first Australian Federal Budget since 1996 to not be held in May; the 1996/97 Budget was released in August. Since then Budgets have generally been held on the second Tuesday in May. Though the 2016/17 Budget was brought forward a week, to May 3, ahead of the double dissolution election.

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