Women in Super Chair wins 2017 Trustee of the Year award

Women in Super Chair Cate Wood has won the 2017 Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF) Trustee of the Year award.

Cate Wood was congratulated by the Women in Super team. “This prestigious award recognises an individual’s outstanding and significant contribution to the superannuation industry. It acknowledges a hard-working trustee who recognises the needs of a changing environment, values ongoing professional development, and is committed to improving their members’ retirement outcomes,” said a Women in Super announcement.

“Cate is the National Chair of Women in Super, Chair of CareSuper, a director of the Industry Superannuation Property Trust, a member of the ACT Treasury Investment Advisory Board, director of Industry Super Australia and the founding chair of the WIS Mother’s Day Classic in Canberra (established in 2007). Cate has previously held roles as CEO and a director of AGEST Super, and CEO of the Trade Union Training Authority.”

Presented with the award at the CMSF Conference, Wood said that “superannuation is one of the greatest achievements of the union movement” and “helping working people to save for a more comfortable retirement was very rewarding and endlessly challenging”.

Winning the award comes with a scholarship to attend the 2018 AIST Global Dialogue Conference.

“Under Cate’s leadership, Women in Super has grown significantly,” said Women in Super.

“We currently have over 2,000 members and over 25 industry partners and are now seen as a leading voice on women’s superannuation issues. This is due, in part, to the extensive number of submissions and policy work that Cate has led to improve the retirement outcomes of women.”

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