Retirement advice a “huge opportunity” for SMSF professionals

A growing need for retirement advice presents an opportunity for SMSF professionals.

“As SMSF practitioners there is a huge opportunity here for you to service clients’ needs in retirement,” Accurium CEO Tracy Williams told attendees at the 2016 Class.

Most SMSF members “well placed” for comfortable retirement: research

Most SMSF members are well placed to be able to afford a comfortable retirement, according to new research.

Despite the current economic outlook most SMSF members “can be reasonably confident of affording a comfortable retirement,” according to joint research by

Australians are living longer: Australian Life Tables

Australian’s are living longer than previously, according to the most recent Australian Life Tables.

Accurium, the retirement and actuarial services company, says the Australian Life Tables 2010-2012 show “Australians born today are expected to live longer (on average) than

SMSF members “well-placed” for comfortable retirement

SMSF members are “well-placed for a ‘comfortable’ retirement’,” according to the SMSF Retirement Insight: Retirement Adequacy report released by Accurium, formerly Bendzulla Actuarial.

“While many people may fear the prospect of outliving their super, most SMSF members don’t need