Most SMSF members “well placed” for comfortable retirement: research

Most SMSF members are well placed to be able to afford a comfortable retirement, according to new research. Despite the current economic outlook most SMSF members “can be reasonably confident of affording a comfortable retirement,” according to joint research by actuarial and retirement firm Accurium and the SMSF Association, titled… Read More »Most SMSF members “well placed” for comfortable retirement: research

Accurium sets out strategies to boost SMSF retirement incomes

Analysis by Accurium sets out three strategies for SMSFs to boost retirement incomes: income bucketing, income layering and where to set the safe withdrawal rate. The analysis, contained in the latest Accurium SMSF Retirement Insights report: Pension strategies for SMSF retirees, indicates using an ‘income bucketing’ strategy can produce a 5%… Read More »Accurium sets out strategies to boost SMSF retirement incomes

Accurium launches retirement healthcheck for SMSFs

Accurium retirement healthcheck, SMSFsAccurium, formerly Bendzulla Actuarial, has launched a “pioneering” SMSF retirement risk assessment service.

This new service, retirement healthcheck, is an “interactive tool” for accountant and other SMSF professionals to assist their clients.

“The retirement healthcheck enables accountants and practitioners to add value by enabling clients to assess the risk that their retirement plan will succeed or fail,” said Accurium.

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SMSF members “well-placed” for comfortable retirement

comfortable retirement: report - AccuriumSMSF members are “well-placed for a ‘comfortable’ retirement’,” according to the SMSF Retirement Insight: Retirement Adequacy report released by Accurium, formerly Bendzulla Actuarial.

“While many people may fear the prospect of outliving their super, most SMSF members don’t need to worry, because they stand a very good chance of enjoying a ‘comfortable’ retirement,” said Accurium CEO Tracey Williams.

According to the report the “typical 65 year old SMSF couple” would be able to fund a retirement at ASFA’s ‘comfortable’ retirement definition of with a “high degree of confidence that they won’t run out of money.”

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