SMSFs should still be required to obtain actuarial certificates: Actuaries Institute

The Actuaries Institute has argued against regulations which would remove the requirement for many SMSFs to obtain actuarial certificates.

The changes to superannuation legislated late in 2016 included a prohibition on SMSFs using the segregated method to calculate ECPI where at least one member of the fund had a total superannuation balance over $1.6 million and was receiving a pension from the fund. This change was a so-called integrity measure aimed at preventing circumvention of the Transfer Balance Cap. Funds still have the option of using the unsegregated – proportionate – method. Read more...

Bendzulla Actuarial rebrands as Accurium

Bendzulla Actuarial rebrands as AccuriumActuarial services provider Bendzulla Actuarial has rebranded as Accurium. Calling Accurium “Australia’s leading SMSF actuarial certificate provider”, CEO Tracy Williams also announced an expanded range of services.

“Our core business will always be actuarial certificates, but with millions of Baby Boomer SMSF trustees retiring over the next decade, there’s also a real, unmet need for actuarial and risk consulting services specific to their predicament,” said Williams.

“Accurium will be the only consulting firm focused exclusively on solving the peculiar challenges of SMSFs in the retirement phase, like planning for certainty over an uncertain investment horizon.” Read more...