APRA has concerns over super fund conflicts of interest

APRA has written to RSE (Registrable Superannuation Entity) licensees with concerns around the management of conflicts of interest.

The letter reveals that in 2014 APRA conducted a review to “assess how the superannuation industry was implementing SPS 521 [Superannuation Prudential

Report links industry super fund performance with governance

The fight between industry and retail super funds appears to be moving to a new battleground, this time over the appointment of directors of super funds.

The McKell Institute, an “independent, not-for-profit public policy institute”, has released a report investigating

APRA super funds underperform investment benchmarks

According to data published by SuperRatings, APRA regulated super funds fell short of the relevant benchmarks for investing in Australian and international shares in 2013/14.

Recently published rankings of APRA-regulated Industry and Retail funds by SuperRatings shows that Telstra Super