SMSF members “well-placed” for comfortable retirement

comfortable retirement: report - AccuriumSMSF members are “well-placed for a ‘comfortable’ retirement’,” according to the SMSF Retirement Insight: Retirement Adequacy report released by Accurium, formerly Bendzulla Actuarial.

“While many people may fear the prospect of outliving their super, most SMSF members don’t need to worry, because they stand a very good chance of enjoying a ‘comfortable’ retirement,” said Accurium CEO Tracey Williams.

According to the report the “typical 65 year old SMSF couple” would be able to fund a retirement at ASFA’s ‘comfortable’ retirement definition of with a “high degree of confidence that they won’t run out of money.” Read more...

Bendzulla Actuarial rebrands as Accurium

Bendzulla Actuarial rebrands as AccuriumActuarial services provider Bendzulla Actuarial has rebranded as Accurium. Calling Accurium “Australia’s leading SMSF actuarial certificate provider”, CEO Tracy Williams also announced an expanded range of services.

“Our core business will always be actuarial certificates, but with millions of Baby Boomer SMSF trustees retiring over the next decade, there’s also a real, unmet need for actuarial and risk consulting services specific to their predicament,” said Williams.

“Accurium will be the only consulting firm focused exclusively on solving the peculiar challenges of SMSFs in the retirement phase, like planning for certainty over an uncertain investment horizon.” Read more...