BGL hasn’t forgotten about Simple Fund Desktop users

BGL added over 80,000 SMSFs to Simple Fund 360 in the previous financial year, but hasn’t forgotten about customers still using Simple Fund Desktop.

According to BGL it added 82,697 SMSFs to Simple Fund 360 in 2017/18, taking the total on the cloud software to 159,767. It added more than 1,700 firms, with the total at the end of the financial year at 4,214.

Part of this dramatic increase is likely due to customers transitioning from Simple Fund Desktop to Simple Fund 360, however BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh said users of the desktop software haven’t been forgotten. Read more...

BGL announces first Regulatory Technology (RegTech) conference – BGL RegTech17

BGL, maker of Simple Fund 360, among other software, has announced an industry first Regulatory Technology (RegTech) conference – BGL RegTech17.

The conference will focus on the regulatory challenges faced by firms today and how they can use smart solutions to meet both regulatory and client obligations.

“RegTech is the future of future of regulatory compliance,” said BGL’s Managing Director, Ron Lesh.

“It is clearly evident the way compliance is being managed today is in many cases slow, outdated and just simply inefficient. RegTech is the future,” he said. Read more...

BGL rejects that SMSFs will be slower adopting event-based reporting

BGL, which makes SMSF administration software Simple Fund 360, rejects the suggestion that SMSFs will adopt event-based reporting later than large APRA-regulated super funds.

BGL said the suggestion that the SMSF industry would move to more frequent reporting later than APRA-regulated funds was just the large funds taking the opportunity to “have a go” at SMSFs, at a time when large funds were having issues with their own technology.

“Our clients records whether they are using Simple Fund 360, BGL’s market leading cloud SMSF solution, or Simple Fund Desktop are in impeccable condition,” said BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh. Read more...

BGL adds Act2 actuarial certificates to Simple Fund 360

BGL, Simple Fund, Simple Fund 360, actuarial certificate, Act2BGL Corporate Solutions, maker of SMSF accounting software Simple Fund and Simple Fund 360, has announced that actuarial certificates from Act2 Solutions are now available through the web-based Simple Fund 360 software.

It appears that Act2 is the first actuarial certificate provider to be integrated with Simple Fund 360. Act2 is already supported in Simple Fund, Class Super and SuperMate.

BGL announces automated depreciation solution for SMSFs

SMSF, BGL, automated depreciationBGL Corporate Solutions, developers of Simple Fund and Simple Fund 360, have announced the release of “Australia’s first automated depreciation solution for SMSFs,” in partnership with CoreLogic RP Data.

“From today, BGL clients are able to request depreciation schedules for residential and commercial property through their BGL Simple Fund software. The schedule will flow back into Simple Fund and with a PDF automatically attached to the appropriate fund” said BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh.

BGL Simple Fund 360 gains SBR registration for SMSF returns

BGL, Simple Fund, Simple Fund 360, SMSF annual return, Standard Business Reporting (SBR)BGL Corporate Solutions has announced it has been registered with the ATO for the electronic lodgement of SMSF Annual Returns through the Standard Business Reporting (SBR) system.

“BGL is the first major software supplier to achieve SBR registration for the SMSF Annual Returns. This means our clients can lodge SMSF Annual Returns any time, from anywhere and on any device” said BGL Managing Director Ron Lesh.