AIST rejects changes to super guarantee minimum threshold

The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST) has urged the Government to reject the Board of Taxation recommendation to change the minimum superannuation guarantee threshold.

The recently released Board of Taxation report, Review of Tax Impediments Facing Small Business,

Government must tackle non-payment of super, says Cbus

Following recommendations by the Board of Taxation to reduce superannuation-related regulation on small business, Cbus super says the Government should instead ensure “that Australian’s retirement savings are maximised.”

Cbus points to research last year by Tria Investment Partners, which showed

Board of Taxation recommends changes to super guarantee

The Board of Taxation has recommended changes to the superannuation guarantee and super guarantee charge in order to remove unreasonable burdens on small business.

The Board of Taxation Review of Tax Impediments Facing Small Business was announced in March 2014