Changes to excess non-concessional contributions refund bill

The Government has submitted the Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2014 Measures No. 7) Bill 2014 to Parliament, which allows for the refunding of excess non-concessional contributions. This measure was included in an exposure draft, though there have since been

Dates and payment methods key to avoid excess contributions

Yet again an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) decision has shown the importance of dates and payment methods for avoiding making excess contributions to superannuation. This is particularly the case when making super contributions around the end of the financial year.

Reforming the excess non-concessional contributions tax submission

This is a submission to the recent Treasury department consultation process on reforming the excess non-concessional contributions tax.

Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission in regards to the exposure draft Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2014 Measures

Refund excess non-concessional contributions: draft rules

The treasury department has released an exposure draft of the new rules for refunding excess non-concessional contributions to super fund members.

This change was announced alongside the 2014 federal budget. Currently there is an option to have excess concessional contributions

Progress on excess non-concessional contributions changes: SPAA

According to SPAA progress is being made in the consultation process for the changes to allow for the withdrawal of excess non-concessional contributions.

These changes were announced in the 2014 Federal Budget, and according to the Government statement would mean:

Temporary Budget Repair Levy & Superannuation rates

Announced in the 2014 federal budget, the Temporary Budget Repair Levy is an additional 2% tax on individual incomes over $180,000, however it also increases a number of other tax rates. The levy, as legislated, applies for the following financial

Disregarding Excess Non-Concessional Contributions

Following shortly after the announcement in the 2014 Federal Budget that there would be a change to allow for excess non-concessional contributions could be refunded from an SMSF comes a case from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) showing when such