Accessing super is most polarising of housing affordability options

Allowing first home buyers to access their superannuation is the most polarising housing affordability option, according to a recent poll.

The most recent Essential poll found that ‘allowing first home buyers to withdraw a portion of their superannuation for a

Accessing super wouldn’t help housing affordability: Finance Minister

Accessing superannuation for a home deposit wouldn’t help address the problem of housing affordability, says Finance Minister Mathias Cormann.

Cormann, who is a member of the Expenditure Review Committee – which is also known as the ‘razor gang’ – was

Majority opposed to accessing super for housing, even less popular with Coalition voters

Most people are opposed to accessing superannuation for housing, and the idea is even less popular amongst supporters of the Coalition.

Members of the Coalition have been raising the option of first home buyers accessing their super, though the model

Here’s how superannuation is already financing homes

The federal government is split on whether first home buyers in Australia should be allowed to use part of their superannuation for home deposits. But what the more strident critics miss is that Australia’s superannuation system already channels a significant

Super industry interested in affordable housing, not first home buyers accessing super

The superannuation and property industries have welcomed the suggestion of increased investment in affordable housing, but not allowing first home buyers to access their super.

Yesterday the Treasurer said, in a speech, that he hoped superannuation funds would invest more

Super funds should invest in affordable housing: Treasurer

The Treasurer Scott Morrison says superannuation funds should invest in affordable housing and the Government is reportedly still considering ways to let first home buyers access superannuation.

“Home ownership is a positive for the Australian economy, our society and the

The latest ideas to use super to buy homes are still bad ideas

Treasurer Scott Morrison wants to use the May budget to ease growing community anxiety about housing affordability. Lots of ideas are being thrown about: the test for the Treasurer is to sort the good from the bad. Reports that the

First home buyers accessing super “stupidest idea ever”, says Chris Bowen

Labor Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen says an option being considered by the Government for first home buyers to access superannuation is the “Stupidest. Idea. Ever. 2.0”.

According to reports the Prime Minister is “actively considering” allowing first home buyers have

PM “actively considering” letting first home buyers access super

The Prime Minister is, according to reports, “actively considering” allowing first home buyers to use their superannuation to directly invest in their own housing.

The model apparently under consideration is a ‘shared equity’ scheme where the super fund invests