Industry Super Australia launches unpaid super campaign

Industry Super Australia has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at unpaid superannuation.

The organisation says the purpose of the campaign – Unpaid Super: Getting Worse While Nothing is Done – is to raise awareness of the impact that unpaid

Industry Super Australia expands comparisons in ‘Compare the Pair’ campaign

Industry Super Australia has expanded the comparisons in its ‘Compare the Pair’ campaign, a move which it says hands more power to consumers.

The updated ‘Compare the Pair’ campaign – comparing performance in industry versus retail funds – now includes

Consumers “bewildered” by thousands of super fund options

Consumers are “bewildered” by the thousands of superannuation options says Industry Super Australia, which has accused the banks of “overloading” customers with choices.

Industry Super Australia has released new research indicating that the large range of super options is making

Industry Super Australia launches third ‘Compare the Pair’ campaign

Industry Super Australia has launched the third generation of its ‘Compare the Pair’ advertising campaign.

The organisation says the campaign aims to “remind Australians what to look for when choosing a superannuation fund”. As with earlier Compare the Pair campaigns,