Women in Super call for immediate action to make super fair

Women in Super, a national advocacy group, has called for immediate implementation of changes to make the superannuation system fair.

“Urgent changes are needed to boost the superannuation accounts of low income earners with an annual $1000 contribution to help address the growing number of retired women living in poverty,” said Women in Super (WIS).

“The current super system is not fair, efficient or sustainable and we have a plan to change it,” said the group, which has launched its Make Super Fair campaign. Read more...

Women in Super Chair wins 2017 Trustee of the Year award

Women in Super Chair Cate Wood has won the 2017 Conference of Major Superannuation Funds (CMSF) Trustee of the Year award.

Cate Wood was congratulated by the Women in Super team. “This prestigious award recognises an individual’s outstanding and significant contribution to the superannuation industry. It acknowledges a hard-working trustee who recognises the needs of a changing environment, values ongoing professional development, and is committed to improving their members’ retirement outcomes,” said a Women in Super announcement. Read more...